Viscose For Summer Heat!


This is one of those fabrics that has to be experienced in real life, the lens doesn’t do it justice! To come close to the true colors in this Italian viscose jersey, I had to bump up the saturation.

And now I have “Pump Up the Volume” in my head. My apologies if you do, too.


Let me change that ear worm with the story of this garment’s first outing! Rob & I snapped these photos in the golden hour, on our way to Lincoln Center’s opening night of #LCOutOfDoors. It’s a wonderful, free program offered every summer, with nights of music, movies, and dancing, all in the outdoor pavilion and bandshell. The evening featured the Ricki Lee Jones’ entire album “Pirates'” performed by the artist herself, plus another hour of emerging artists singing from NPR’s selection of the 150 greatest albums made by women.


Oh yeah… and Valerie Simpson popped in to surprise us… by introducing Roberta Flack. The audience went NUTS. (I assume your ear worm is now banished. For those who are scratching their heads at those names, Wikipedia is your assignment. I promise you, you will thank me for the homework.)


You do want to know a bit about the dress, yes? Well, fabric wise, I can tell you it’s simply the most comfortable thing EVER. In summer heat, quality viscose feels like cool water against your skin. (Although this print was found in the NY brick & mortar, there’s a great selection online— and one of those panel prints is the sister to this print.)

Pattern wise, I have to admit I didn’t do much more than drape this on my dress form, adding a seam at CF to get the most out of my fabric, completely missing that I’d given myself nipple markers. I seem to do that a lot.


For the straps, I went with the same treatment as this braided dress, but sadly I couldn’t go whole hog with it, as I ran out of fabric! There’s a very good chance I’ll be picking up more– I might even go in and add godets for maximum swooshiness.


This outing was the test run, and although I fully enjoyed swanning around in it, I know this dress isn’t done! I’m rarely afraid to go back in once a garment is “finished”… I just think of it as the remix.



  • Elle C
    July 27, 2017

    Ricki Lee Jones, Valerie Simpson and Robert Flack!!!!!! OMG, I would likely have had a stroke.

    OK. Try to focus. Roberta Flack, Valerie Simpson.and Ricki Lee Jones. For free. As much as I love the small city (100,000) I live in, right now I am alternating between hatred and envy for people who live in NY and get to experience things like this. 8-D

    The dress is gorgeous, love the fabric, and it’s even more amazing that you draped it. That hatred envy emotion is surfacing again. LOL

    • Should I mention that Ronnie Spector closed the show with “Be My Baby”?

      *ducks, runs for cover*

      • Elle C
        July 27, 2017

        You’re killing me.

  • Elle
    July 27, 2017

    The dress looks like just the thing for a summer evening. But…Roberta Flack! I still remember the first time I heard her on the radio–The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face. It brought me to an absolute standstill, and then to tears. What a voice!