The Baja Blue Single-Shoulder Stretch Crepe Jumpsuit

McCall's 7632 - Erica Bunker DIY Style-9

When you find a great fabric you love, you buy it multiple times! That’s what I did with this amazing Theory Baja Blue Stretch Crepe, which is unfortunately sold out. I bought this fabric last year and made this great dress and it immediately sold out then. If Mood restocks this one, you should grab it. But until then, here are some selections that I think would be great (Ralph Lauren Evening Blue Stretch CrepeDeep Wisteria Stretch Polyester Crepe and Italian Stretch Polyester Crepe Fabric).

McCall's 7632 - Erica Bunker DIY Style-3

It’s no secret that I love a jumpsuit. And I always like for my fabric to have some “give” when I create one. This is McCall’s 7632.

McCall's 7632 - Erica Bunker DIY Style-7

I cut the bodice in a size 12, grading to a 14 at the waist. I also added an inch to the length. The bodice is self-lined and that’s a necessity because of the way it ties at the shoulder.

McCall's 7632 - Erica Bunker DIY Style-8


If I’d gone with another view, I could’ve used lining fabric and just made sure to underline really well.


McCall's 7632 - Erica Bunker DIY Style-12I cut the pants in a size 14 and graded to a 16 at the hip. I added an inch to the crotch length. I liked the length of the pants from the envelope. When ever I wear culottes, I like for them to be the length of a midi skirt/dress.

McCall's 7632 - Erica Bunker DIY Style-13

This fabric cuts, sews and presses so well, not to mention how comfortable it. I love when a woven feels like a jersey, but with a more polished look. So this one is another winner!



  • Becky Pearson
    August 22, 2017

    So beautiful and I love the color!