Little European Swim Trunks

I’ve been watching (what seems like) every sewist I know tackle swimsuits this season with admiration and apprehension.  As much as I wish to make my own swimsuit, it just seems like an overwhelming task (although Ginger Makes and her last project has me feeling less afraid).  Trying to sew swimsuits for my girls seems doable–less fit issues for little girls than for a 35 year old woman–but when I can find cute little suits for $15, it seems hardly worth the effort.  Then it hits me. I am in love with European inspired swim trunks for little boys and […]


I Can’t Believe I Made a Swimsuit!

I mean, I guess it’s not that surprising since everyone and their mom is making a swimsuit this summer (has anyone’s mom made this pattern? I’m guessing my mom would love it, but don’t give her any ideas or I’ll be running a swimsuit sweatshop… my sister already wants one!), but the thought of sewing swimwear has always made me say, “No way, Jose!” I bought this fabric at Mood Fabrics NYC. Not everyone knows that they sell swimwear fabric, but yes, they have lots of it, all kinds! I planned to get a solid color, but this print had […]