Striped Shirting

McCall's 7724 from Mood Fabric's cotton striped shirting

This project is brought to you by perseverance, progress and power through it! Or in other words, it is brought to you by the letter P. I was so excited to make McCall’s 7724 in view A. such a fun pattern with the cold shoulder look and neckline options. I went right to Mood Fabrics and started looking at shirting for this project. Stripes or plaids was the direction I was going and I went with Sea Pink Striped Cotton Shirting and White/Pink Striped Shirting. When the fabric arrived, they were perfect together, yea time to start on this project.

So to start it is a combination of a fun  pattern and a great fabric combinations. Mood Fabrics’ has such a nice selection of cotton shirtings, so take a look and find your favorites.


McCall's 7724 from Mood Fabric's cotton striped shirting,

I went to work cutting and preparing all the pieces, so excited to start this unique pattern with some fun fabrics.  My excitement quickly dwindled, I went up a size on this shirt based on the finished pattern measurements.  Well, it was way, way too small.  My initial thought was to punt the project  and move onto something else for my Mood Sewing Network project for April.  Also, note I am not the only one having sizing issues with this pattern.  I think I counted at least 4 others from Instagram posts.  I took out the back darts and let out the side seams as much as I could.  Yea, success, my blouse would button.  I did add one inch to the body and sleeves, as my usual adjustment.  Well, that wasn’t needed at all.  My sleeves are long but it adds to the drama.


I did add the shoulder strap to my View A, it helps the top from falling open when I lean over.  Now one issue with the photos, I could not get the back strap to lay just right.  That is a very difficult to area to reach on your own and my dear husband just doesn’t have the fashion skill to help me.  The strap is basted until a daughter is home to help me, so sorry about the bit of the strap peaking out.   One other thought about the back, the way the pattern is drafted there is a nice curve in the back and side seams, I think it looks good even without the back darts

McCall's 7724 from Mood Fabric's cotton striped shirting - back


My cotton shirting sewed and pressed beautifully.  I love sewing with cotton shirting, it holds a press and just easy to sew with great results.  Plus cotton shirting is great to wear in the summer.

Now after getting the shirt to fit with my adjustments, I powered on and made some progress.  Notice the elastic in the sleeve?  The sleeve just was too far away from my arm, it didn’t look quite right.  I added some 1/8″ elastic in the narrow hem of the top of the sleeve.  Great improvement on the sleeve and I really like how it looks.  I do see the shirt is a bit tight at the bust and the arm seam so note this if making this pattern.

McCall's 7724 from Mood Fabric's cotton striped shirting - side view


Here is the other side



McCall's 7724 from Mood Fabric's cotton striped shirting - off shoulder side


Now for the extra wide cuffs, enough for three buttons and it fits the drama of this shirt.

McCall's 7724 from Mood Fabric's cotton striped shirting - cuffs


This shirt is so not my normal style but I am so happy I persevered .  It was a challenge and there are some fitting issues still to tackle if I make this again but I love the fabric I selected for this project.  It is just a fun top for a unique look.

McCall's 7724 from Mood Fabric's cotton striped shirting


Now my question to you – what do you have planned for spring and summer that is not your usual style?

McCall's 7724 from Mood Fabric's cotton striped shirting



  • sarah gunn
    April 25, 2018

    It’s adorable Lori! You wear the style nicely – not something everyone can do 😉

  • sandra
    April 28, 2018

    This is incredibly ugly.

    • VoiceOfReason
      May 3, 2018

      Why would you feel compelled to write this comment? If something’s not your style, simply scroll on past. There’s no reason to be unkind.

  • Claudia T
    May 2, 2018

    It’s definitely not “for me”, but I like your confidence! Pairing with a slim dark-wash jean and brown sandals is a good choice, too, not competing with your statement top.

  • Susan
    May 18, 2018

    This looks so great! I was really glad to read your review of the pattern too. I cut about two pieces and then realized it was super small and quit! I’m going to try again now after seeing your results.