Stretch Cotton Terry Dress for Graduation

mcCall's 7564 dress3


This coming weekend is a busy one for our family, it is a nurse pinning, three graduations and Mother’s Day.  Well, celebrations of this nature calls for a new dress for Mom.  I loved this Mood Fabrics’ Taupe/Mocha/Black/Red Cotton Stretch Terry and thought it would work great for a dress.  I want to note that even though the fabric says terry in the description, it is a lightweight knit and I don’t feel it has that terry “feel”.    The knit will be perfect for s graduation and not look wrinkled after all that sitting.


mccall's 7564 dress 8


I went with McCall’s 7564 dress in the sleeveless version.  I did make some changes and the main was removing lots of ease.  I really just kept trying on this dress and pinning out the extra until I got the look I wanted.


To add some contrast to the fabric, I went with some ponte from stash.  This worked really well for the front placket and neckband as it is a stable knit.  I love the stripe terry for the feel and the look of the stripes and colors but it is very stretchy.    The underarm seams, need some stabilizing to keep this area in shape and close to the body.  I used the ponte as a binding and I love the contrast here, too

mcCall's 7565 side view

This dress had a very low opening and I wanted a bit more coverage, which in reality I should  of adjusted before I put in the placket.  Most of the time, that is not how I sew, it is let’s make this work for  me.  For this one, it was an easy fix, I just added a piece of fabric between the placket in a v shape.


mccalls neckline

mcCall's 7564 dress


I did get the the stretch terry pulled up just a bit at the bottom of the placket, I should of added a bit more interfacing to stabilize that area.


This was a pretty quick dress to make and the neckline went together beautifully, just observe the markings to match the fronts and back equally.

mccall's 7564 side

If the stripe isn’t for you, Mood Fabrics’ has a great selection stretch terry.


After this weekend, Meredith will have her Bachelor’s in Nursing, Kaitlyn her Bachelor’s in Secondary Math Ed and Erin will have her Master’s in Mathematics (High School Math teacher, mostly dual credit).  To say I am a proud mom is an understatement, four daughters and four college graduates.  Thanks for letting me brag.


mcCall's 7564 dress2


Now if you excuse me, I have another dress I hope to have finished before this weekend !





  • French terry is one of my favourite fabrics for comfort, and just the right amount of stretch for comfort. I had no idea it came in lighter weights! I will check out this link to Mood for sure.

  • Diane G
    May 9, 2017

    What a lovely easy breezy dress. Just the perfect balance of casual and polished looking. I had no idea about varying Terry fabric weight either. You learn something every day eh?

  • CarolinaGirl76
    May 14, 2017

    BEAUTIFUL!! Great job! Great inspiration!

  • Sarah Gunn
    May 22, 2017

    Lori – This is the cutest! I went to the pattern website and you definitely made some changes – for the better! Love your contrast and can’t believe you found time to sew with 3 graduations + more. Happy Mother’s Day!