Slinky, Shiny, Sequins

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I’m happy to finally post this cute little sequined dress that I made for my sister.  This is my one yard wonder.  Yes, that’s right.  I made it with only one yard of Mood’s Black Stretch Rayon Jersey with Waving Sequined Stripes.  What a mouth full.  I grabbed this sparkly wave about two years ago from the online store. Sewing it cause no problems.  The sequins are small and the Rayon jersey fabric provides a good support base.  The sequins can be easily flatten to create a smooth affect along the seams.

Too bad it’s no longer in stock.   But no worries, though.  Mood has more sequined fabrics that are equally beautiful.

When I purchased McCall 7686 I decided to hack it and turned it into a slinky dress. A shiny, slinky one.  This dress was easy to make.  The hacking was no more than extending the length of the top into a dress.  I used only the front and back of view C. 

McCall’s description:  A, B, C: Close fitting one shoulder tops have sleeve variations. A, B: Collar. D, E, F: Close fitting off the shoulder tops elasticized neckline and sleeve variations. E, F: Collar. All views have narrow hems.  I used size 14.

I really didn’t used the instructions. My construction process was to
simply sew the shoulder and side seams of the dress.  I added a tricot lining to finished the inside.  I added elastic to the entire necklace to help the dress maintain a close fit.  For the armhole, the lining was attached then stabilized with twill tape.   Really simple construction and hacking.

My sister will model this dress in the upcoming Haute Couture Club of Chicago Fashion show.  I very please with how this one yard wonder turned out.

So that all for now!

Happy Sewing!



  • Connie Turner
    April 17, 2018

    Fabulous dress and she looks great in it.


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