Mohair Cardigan for my SIL!

I’m a big fan of shawl-collar cardigans!

The neckline is universally flattering.  They’re warm and cozy, easy to get on and easy to get off.  And there’s no pulling anything over your head, which I’m not a fan of, despite having very little hair myself. (!)

I made one for my mother a few months ago, and this month I made one for my lovely sister-in-law, Prachee (up top).

Instead of using a sweater knit, as I did for my mother’s sweater, for Prachee’s sweater I used a mohair blend (that nevertheless has a very a sweater knit-like hand) with a pronounced twill weave.  I have always loved the look and feel of mohair: so soft, so luxurious.  The color palette is a mix of purple, gray, and orange tones — breathtaking.  (You can check out Mood’s online assortment of mohair woven and knit fabrics here.)

I used the same vintage Seventies shawl-collar cardigan pattern I had used for my mother’s cardigan, McCall’s 5267 (a unisex pattern that I’ve also used for myself).

I made a few basic adjustments to the pattern: I shortened the sleeves an inch and shortened the torso roughly the same amount.  I decided to leave out the front pockets this time: too much bulk and not truly necessary.

I used a lightweight fusible interfacing for the collar pieces.  You can see that the collar pieces (there are two, upper and lower) extend down the center front as one continuous length of fabric.  Since I knew I’d be putting buttonholes through this loosely woven fabric, I interfaced both sides of the center front extensions.

I’m proud of my buttonholes, which I made myself using a vintage Singer buttonhole attachment.  Since the fabric wouldn’t hold chalk, I thread-basted the center of the extensions where I wanted my buttonholes to go (below).

I found the perfect buttons at a local button store.  They match the colors of the mohair perfectly!

The sweater is unlined: the “wrong side” of the mohair twill weave is actually very beautiful!

The sweater fits Prachee perfectly and the warm Autumn tones really flatter her complexion.

It’s always a treat to sew something special for loved ones.   I love to see someone else enjoy the garments I’ve created.

Ready to give mohair a try?  Go for it!



  • Kathy
    February 28, 2018



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