Plaid flannel for fall

It’s finally fall and that means…it’s plaid time! Actually, it’s always plaid time in my book. But it’s definitely not plaid flannel time until fall.

For my first fall garment of the year I went big: a full-length dress. Dressing gown. Housecoat. Robe. Whatever you want to call it. It’s essentially a maxi dress that zips up the front, and it’s flannel, and it’s awesome.

I used a vintage 1950s pattern, and you can see I really didn’t stray far from the envelope except to use plaid. I went with View B with the contrasting collars, cuff and tie belt. The plaid is this lovely cotton flannel. The red was some cotton poplin in my stash, because I realized once I was underway that it really did need those pops of contrast.

I’ve been calling this a dressing gown, although the pattern calls the floor-length versions robes and the shorter one a brunch coat. Some similar patterns use the term house coat or hostess gown, but seeing as this is flannel and meant to be worn around the house, I’m going with dressing gown. It sounds elegant and cozy at the same time. About like wrapping yourself in yards of plaid flannel… which I’ve basically done here! 😉

At the great suggestion of a friend on Instagram, when I couldn’t decide if the tie belt should be red or plaid, I went with reversible so you get to see a bit of both.

This was a loooot of plaid to work with, let me tell you. I matched it at the front sleeve notches on the bodice and sleeves, below the bust dart at the side seams of the bodice, along the center front and center back seams of the skirt, and the center front seam of the bodice. Phew.

One deviation from the original pattern… who doesn’t want pockets?!

I’ve never inserted that long of a slot seam zipper before and I’m not keen on doing it again anytime soon, even though I’m already thinking “ooh wouldn’t a Christmasy one be fun in December!” We’ll see what I think by then.

I couldn’t love this more, even if it was a serious undertaking to get that much plaid to look decent and just even wrangling that much fabric, period. I bow to those of you who do maxi dresses regularly (you know who I’m looking at). I’ve done two this summer and they are formidable opponents.

But I’m sure ready to lounge around the house in style this fall and winter in this one!







  • HAHA! you know, I’m working on a maxi dress with a similar neckline at this very moment! This is gorgeous. I would have gone NUTS matching that plaid.

  • MonicaAD
    October 3, 2017


  • Saki
    October 7, 2017

    Beautiful! I (oddly) love plaid matching any and all seams possible, but I HATE plaid matching at a zipper. There’s too much variance for it to go wrong, but you’ve done an exquisite job with it!

  • Jenni
    October 7, 2017

    I love it! So classy for around the house, or anywhere. It reminds me of the “house” dress Lucy Ricardo wore on I Love Lucy, but I think her’s was just the full, flowy skirt, with no bodice or zipper, and it basically just attached in center front, so like a reverse apron, and then she wore capris or leggings underneath. So, maybe that’s an option to avoid another zipper!

  • Kristina
    October 9, 2017

    I looove it, this looks superb!!! And what amazing pattern matching. I want one, maybe for next winter…