Plaid Cotton Flannel Button-Up Shirt

I don’t know about where y’all are, but we just got our first truly cold day this week – first frost was this morning, even! Brr!

Plaid Cotton Flannel Archer

While I’m not terribly keen on the cold (I’m a Southerner, I hate the cold, and I also live in an old/drafty house), I do like the clothes that come out of hiding when the temperatures drop! Especially a nice cotton flannel – my favorite!

I made this plaid flannel button-up a couple of months ago, in an anticipation of cooler weather. Let me tell you – it’s quite a downer to be working on cozy winter wear while it’s still a solid 90* outside under the blazing sun, but it’s sure nice to have that stuff ready and available when you do finally need it!

Plaid Cotton Flannel Archer

I found my cotton flannel at Mood Fabric’s NYC location (there are tons of beautiful flannels on their website, too!)- there were dozens of styles and colors to choose from, but I was especially drawn to the monochromatic grey/black of this particular fabric. I wear a lot of grey and black in the winter – I dunno you guys, something about dressing like a sad little goth kid really appeals to me, also, everything always matches 100% of the time haha – and I knew this would fit right into my existing wardrobe. The fabric is a nice light weight as well – it’s not as thick as some of the plaid flannels I’ve used in the past. It almost feels like it’s been worn and washed for a few years. Very soft and drapey, and perfect for layering.

I washed and dried my flannel a few times before cutting it, to get as much shrinkage out as possible. To match my plaids, I cut the fabric on a single layer – I find this is easier and faster (for me, anyway) than to try to make sure all the layers are aligned when folded. Once the cutting was out of the way, the sewing is suuuuper easy. I flat-felled all my seams for a professional and clean finish. I also used a very very lightweight interfacing for the cuffs and collar so that they would retain that nice floppy, soft flannel look. (I get mine from Fashion Sewing Supply, but this weft fusible interfacing from Mood Fabrics looks preeeeeetty similar, I’ll have to get some on my next order and see how it compares!). To finish, I installed snaps using my industrial snap setter (omg I love this thing!).

Plaid Cotton Flannel Archer

Plaid Cotton Flannel Archer

Plaid Cotton Flannel Archer

The pattern I used is the Archer shirt from Grainline Studio. I don’t have much to say about this pattern that I haven’t already said before – I’ve kind of sewn it to death! It’s a great staple for me – the style is very much like what you see in RTW, and the fit is relaxed without looking like I’m wearing someone else’s clothes. I’ve sewn this pattern up in a variety of fabrics, but cotton flannel is my ABSOLUTE favorite, no questions asked. It’s so easy to work with!

Plaid Cotton Flannel ArcherRight now, I’m loving this look with skinny black pants (also handmade, also made with Mood Fabrics HAHA) and a tank underneath, but I am looking forward to trying this under a sweater when it gets even colder here. Cold is dumb, but cozy winter layers are totally my jam!



  • PsychicSewerKathleen
    October 31, 2017

    I haven’t sewn with flannel in years – it was my first fabric upon returning to sewing almost 3 years ago. Of course I had to start with PJ’s for my partner and I bought “quilting flannel” which was rather heavy duty 🙂 He’ll be wearing those soon! I liked sewing with it too but it really needs to be pre-washed and shrunk and it frays like mad so you have to be prepared to enclose all seams but once the garment is made it’s SO cozy 🙂 Love your shirt as always Lauren and yes it’s just about that time when it’s the best thing in the world to wear!

  • Sallieoh
    November 1, 2017

    Love it! Such a cozy classic!