New Workout Gear for the New Year!

Hello! It’s January 2018, and this month I will be sharing some workout clothes I made. My apologies in advance for being predictable and basic 🙂

I’ll admit, making workout clothes isn’t necessarily my favorite thing to sew – but it sure beats buying them! I’ve found that I prefer my gear to be neutrals like grey and black (but really, anything but pink. ANYTHING. Why are all women’s workout clothes pink, anyway??) and I love having a zippered pocket to hold my phone while I run. Both of these can be difficult to find – and if you do find them, they can be quite expensive! I don’t think sewing necessarily saves you money, however, exercise gear can definitely be the exception to this.  Each of these pieces cost a fraction of what you would pay in a shop! And I had complete control of the fabric and fit!

I made 3 pieces for this month – a long sleeved pullover, a tank with a built-in sports bra, and leggings for running and yoga!

Surf to Summit Top made with Mood Fabrics

I’ll start with the long sleeved pullover! This was a desperate need in my closet – I have very few workout tops to begin with (I prefer to exercise in just bottoms + a sports bra, as I generally am either doing hot yoga or running in the heat!), and absolutely none with any sleeves! While I do have a fleece hoodie, I wanted something lightweight that would be good for exercising when it is too cold for sleeveless but too warm for the hoodie.

The fabric for this shirt is my favorite part! I used this black and white star printed polyester/bamboo wicking fabric – which I can’t link y’all to because I literally bought the last of the bolt (sorry! It’s really amazing though haha). I like to just peruse the performance/tech fabrics on the Mood Fabrics website, which is how I found this. The fabric is white on the wrong side, and almost textured like a pique. It’s perfect for this use, very breathable, and looks super cool!

Surf to Summit Top made with Mood Fabrics

The pattern I used is the Surf to Summit Top from Fehr Trade. I wanted something raglan with a half zip (so, like a cross between a tshirt and a hoodie), so this shirt was perfect! I sewed it on my serger, and used my new coverstitch machine to mock flatlock all the seams for a sporty look. I used a teal zipper because that was all I had in my stash, but I quite like it!

Pneuma Tank made with Mood Fabrics

Pneuma Tank made with Mood Fabrics

The second piece I made is the Pneuma Tank from Papercut Patterns, which is a sports bra with an attached tank top and cool strapping detail. I’ve made the bra version before, but not the tank. I used this heathered wicking and anti microbial performance jersey for the outer, and black max-dri anti microbial performance jersey for the sports bra. I also lined my sports bra with black power mesh, for additional support (I should note, I don’t require much support and tend to be fine with lightweight, single layer sports bras like this. If you need more support, this probably isn’t the pattern for you. At least not for something like running or jumping around). The elastic edges and black bra strapping were sourced from my stash.

Again, I made this with my serger and hemmed with my coverstitch. I used my regular sewing machine to apply the elastic. While I do like the top, I think the next one could stand to be improved. This would work better with a drapier fabric (my performance fabric has a little more body, which makes the sides flare out), and I also need more length to the straps (I shortened them a lot, so this is not the original length as per the pattern). It’s wearable like this, but the next one will be better! 🙂

Pacific Leggings made with Mood Fabrics

Finally, I made some new leggings for running and yoga! These are my favorite; I love everything about them and have worn them for nearly every workout since I finished this (except when they are still in the wash haha). I used another max-dri performance fabric from Mood Fabrics for this – I bought several colorways for my stash, and I love it! I ESPECIALLY love that it’s not see-through when you stretch it. I added a zipper to the back so I can carry my phone when I’m running. The pattern is the Pacific Leggings from Sewaholic Patterns.

Pacific Leggings made with Mood Fabrics

Again, with these leggings, I sewed them on my serger and mock flatlocked the seams with my coverstitch. This was one of my first coverstitch projects, and I definitely had quite a learning curve with the tension and needle size! They are wearable, just don’t look too close if you are a perfectionist 🙂

Personally, I’m just happy to have some gear that makes my little neutral heart sing! (sorry, Marcy! <3). Even my running shoes are grey! AND I LOVE IT.



  • Rose Britton
    February 7, 2018

    Super workout ensemble! Thank you for describing modifications for each piece — your generous sharing will make it easier to follow through on much-needed leggings and the like. And the technical fabric at Mood is amazing!

  • Cennetta
    February 8, 2018

    Lauren, you are so right about the expense and limited options in workout gear. What you sewn looks great and fits very well. Workout gear has been on my list and I hope to make something soon. Thanks for your review.

  • Lori
    February 12, 2018

    Lauren, great new workout wear, you have the details and fit perfected on these garments.