More Chado Ralph Rucci Wool Double-Knit Options

I purchased three panels of the Chado Ralph Rucci Wool double knit from Mood Fabrics NYC because initially I had no idea what I would make with it.  After deciding upon the dress, I still had yards left.  So I thought a jacket and skirt combo would allow me to play with the purple stripe that’s a main feature of this fabric.  My last post was about the dress so this one is all about the suit.

Chado Ralph Rucci wool double knit Mood Fabrics

I chose a jacket pattern that I’d used before – Vogue 8209 which is out of print – because the lines worked well with the fabric.  All of the construction details for the jacket are in this post.

This jacket is unlined without any closures. The fabric doesn’t really need a lining and that works well with my pattern choice. I was also looking for a piece that I could use one awesome pin as the closure ala this inspiration piece worn by Kerry Washington/Olivia Pope.

Just like the dress, pattern placement was the key to using the fabric effectively.  For the jacket I ran the purple stripes down the front and then used the leftover pieces of fabric to cut the sleeves. I thought it would add some interest to the jacket.


Chado Ralph Rucci wool double knit Mood Fabrics

I also went with my TNT straight skirt pattern for the second piece.  This allowed me to come up with a suit that while it’s not another black suit, I thought would work in my very corporate work environment.

However, after taking these photos, I realized that I would NEVAH EVAH wear these two pieces together, they really are “too artsy” for my workplace.  But I did realize that I could separate the pieces and wear them with other garments from my wardrobe.

A few pictures of those combinations…

Chado Ralph Rucci wool double knit Mood Fabrics


Chado Ralph Rucci wool double knit Mood Fabrics

Honestly, after allowing the jacket and skirt to sit, I will be removing the sleeves from the jacket.  Even though I got the sleeves out of the remaining scraps of fabric, and it seemed like a good time at the time, now I know it’s not.  I love the skirt and will wear it with a black twinset because this look works for me.  But the jacket it needs to be revamped, so that it can become a viable member of my wardrobe.

In conclusion, the dress and the skirt were the best items made from the Chado Ralph Rucci wool doubleknit fabric.  I need to see how the jacket works without sleeves.  But I thought it was important to document our failures as well as our successes…because even though we have good intentions, not everything works! Sometimes the fabric/pattern combo trips you up…sometimes the fabric/fit combo doesn’t work…I’m sure you know what I mean! *smile*

However, I highly recommend purchasing some of the wool doubleknit either online here or in Mood’s NY or LA stores.



  • carolyn roemer
    September 16, 2013

    I love the purple color mixed with the black. For u and me maybe a black sweater knit on the lower sleeve part of the jacket would work better. But leave the purple. It definitely gives the black a lift. Also I think it will be perfectly fine for the office. Your fourth pic from the top shows your jacket at it’s best. I really like it.

  • Lauren
    September 16, 2013

    Oh, I really love the purple sleeves on the jacket! But if that makes it too artsy for the workplace, I could see why you want to remove them (although I agree with the first comment – leave a little purple on there, if you can get away with it. Even a narrow purple cuff would look awesome). I really REALLY love the purple vertical pants on the jacket and looove the two pieces together. Maybe you can wear them together once you take some purple off the sleeves? Seriously, I think they look great together!

  • Amy
    September 16, 2013

    I agree with those above. I actually really like these pieces, particularly how the bands down the front of the jacket work with the pin, so I hope you can find some way to make the jacket work in your closet. Otherwise, you were able to make two really great pieces from your TNT patterns. You and your TNT patterns. One day I hope I find those patterns that keep me coming back and coming back and coming back.

  • Manju
    September 16, 2013

    I really like both pieces but totally agree: you have to have something wearable…not art! Liked Lauren’s idea of maybe having a purple cuff, but you got to be happy. Very sharp outfit though.

  • Lori
    September 16, 2013

    Two more great pieces for your wardrobe, even though the jacket isn’t one of your favorites. I do love the purple sleeves, how about leaving a bit of the purple. Fantastic job and go, Mood Fabrics on Instagram!

  • Sarah Gunn
    September 16, 2013

    These three pieces are unbelievable. I like the jacket but if you are more comfortable without the sleeves then go for it. I think you look just great!

  • Patricia Gardner
    September 16, 2013

    I agree, the jacket would never do for a conservative workplace. But then, when and where will you wear it? Better to remake to something you actually will wear than to hang it in the closet to reproach you every morning.

    • oonaballoona
      September 17, 2013

      i continually have to reassess my vision of what will fly in the workplace 🙂 LOL, as carolyn would say!

      this is just So. FAB. i agree with the cuffs route…but i also agree with clothing staring balefully back at you from the closet…

  • Ginger
    September 17, 2013

    Ooh, I love the way the bands curve out from the pin– super cool! You know more than anyone what you’ll feel comfortable wearing and I know you’ll find a solution to make this work for you! I’ve so loved seeing these pieces– they’re so fun!

  • anne jewell
    September 19, 2013

    the purple in the sleeves makes the whole outfit look sleek and slim–anne