Maxi Skirt Season


From Thanksgiving right up until I take the tree down, at all family gatherings, it’s maxi skirt, simple top, statement jewelry, swan mode on.



It’s just instantly dressy with zero effort! And all of the room for food!


When I saw this bolt at Mood Fabrics (in store), my eyes popped. Christmas maxi, for sure. My fingers screamed as I ran my hands over its pure poly texture, and I howled with laughter. (To be honest, I’ve lost track of the content, but surely there’s some poly happening here.) And this green goodness is the flip side of the yardage– the correct side is a negative image, with off-white being the predominant color (which I’ve forgotten to snap for you! I’ll get that up on my blog later in the week).

It would seem I’ve pretty much forgotten all of the info. Oh, wait. It’s Diane Von Furstenberg. THAT, I REMEMBER. ALL THE BETTER TO SWAN IN.


Sadly, I don’t think Madame DVF would be thrilled with my attention to detail here…in the rush of holiday sewing, I wasn’t at the top of my concentration game when it came to matching up those circles across the side seams, or across the box pleats, for that matter… but the hem is faced, the waistband has a petersham treatment, and the maxi is two huge rectangles that can easily be reborn if my hasty stitching really starts to get on my nerves.


Wishing you a very happy end to this very long year…may you swan right through it!

(PS: For those of you outside NY, I did a quick online search for green brocades. I see about 20 that I want.)



  • Margo
    December 29, 2016

    Love this skirt!!!! The fabric is beautiful too.

  • Sandra Young
    January 3, 2017

    Fabulous skirt. What pattern did you use?

    • it’s something i whip up every year– really a simple a line, with 4 box pleats on front & back.

  • Fiona
    January 14, 2017

    A maxi is basically the ultimate way to show off a fabric that you fall in love with on the bolt, why break it up?! This is awesome!