Lightweight Indigo Linen Shirtdress

Now that Labor Day is barely behind us, fashions are taking a sharp turn for the ~fall look~. I love the richer colors and textures that come with this season, but lord y’all – it is still hot where I live, and it’s gonna stay this dang hot for at least another month! It’s nice to embrace a new season, but not at the risk of drowning in a pool of your own sweat amirite. I’ve found the best way to combat this is to wear pieces that capture the overall feel of fall – rich colors and textured fabrics – that still have a bit of a summer cut, and also layer well. As the chilly mornings cool off, you can remove layers to stay cool, and then add them back when the sun sets. This way, I can still participate in the fun transition of the season, without being the dummy who wears a wool hat and Uggs when it’s still 90* outside.

Chambray Kalle Dress

Linen is typically thought of as a summer fabric, but it also pairs really nicely with autumn! The rich texture looks great in the colors of the season, and the soft rumpling adds a nice element of casualness. Most importantly – it’s airy and breathable, so I literally feel cool wearing it 🙂

This lightweight linen might be one of my favorite fabrics I’ve sewn with this year – the deep indigo denim color is beautiful, the fabric is nearly translucent, and it just has a beautiful drape to it. It is, unfortunately, sold out on the Mood Fabrics website – but there are lots of other linens still available! I washed + dried my fabric three times before I cut it so that I was sure to get all the shrinkage out. This fabric also softens considerably with each wash – so while it’s already pretty soft now, it’s only gonna get better from here!

Chambray Kalle Dress

Chambray Kalle Dress

The pattern I used is the Kalle Shirtdress from Closet Case Patterns. I made view C in a size 2, with no modifications to the pattern or size.

This linen was a great match for this design – it’s easy to sew, responds well to pressing, and looks great with dark topstitching. My linen isn’t super prone to fraying, so it was simple to add French seams to make the inside as beautiful as the outside. The exaggerated curved hem calls for a bias finish, which was well suited for this fabric – it’s not too bulky, and again, it presses into submission with minimal effort. Since my linen is so lightweight, I interfaced sparingly using the lightest interfacing I have, to keep things stabilized but not stiff. My navy shirt buttons are from a local shop here in Nashville.

Chambray Kalle Dress

Chambray Kalle Dress

I’ve already worn and washed this dress loads since finishing it (which, btw – I should point out that these photos were taken post wash, with only light pressing on the hem bands. This linen does not wrinkle so much!); it’s been a lifesaver in this heat! I look forward to dressing it appropriately for cool weather, too – it’ll look great with a cardigan, my wool hat, and Uggs.

Ok. Kidding about the Uggs 😛



  • Melissa Reilly
    September 16, 2017

    Thanks so much for this post – among other great tips, you introduced me to fashion supply. What a terrific resource! Just ordered a sample set of all their interfacings.