Knit Fabric Basics

Mood Fabrics' Knit pique for a Blackwood Cardigan and Mood Fabrics' rust stripe in New Look 6530


Sometimes I just need some basics, fun basics in knit.  I bought these beautiful fabrics from Mood Fabrics in August  and went to planning for fall.  First up is Mood Fabric’s Rust Stretch Knit Pique and let me tell you this fabric is so luxurious and I want all the colors.  How many colors?  There is nine!  The next fabric is Mood Fabrics’ Rust and Navy Striped Rib Knit  and as I hoped when ordering these two fabrics look so good together.


Now time to plan and a I went with New Look 6530 for the top, it was perfect to combine the two fabric for a fun look.  This top goes together beautifully.

Mood Fabrics' rib knit made into New Look 6530 with Mood Fabrics' pique for contrast


I like the darts in the top for better shaping and the armsyce is finished with a small facing, which in interfaced.  The bottom band, has a fun curve.

Mood Fabrics' pique knit band for contrast on New Look 6530


If you make the long sleeve version of this pattern, the sleeves have contrast on the lower part.  I will go down a size when I make this again, it is just a bit roomy

Mood Fabrics' rib knit made into a turtleneck top (new Look 6530) for fall layering


I used my coverstitch machine to stitch the lower band in place

Coverstitch detail on New Look 6530


This fabric was so wonderful to sew and I love the feel of it.  Knits are some of my favorite things to sew, especially with my serger and coverstitch machine but don’t worry they work well with a sewing machine.  The most important thing is to practice and have the right needle.

One more look at the band and the top

Bottom band of New Look 6530 made from two Mood Fabrics' knits


Mood Fabrics' rib knit top using New Look 6530 and Mood Fabrics' pique knit for contrast

Now for what I love for fall, layers!  My favorite knit layering pattern, is Blackwood Cardigan from Helen’s Closet and have made it twice before.  For this version, I used the pique knit and it was so incredible to sew.  It has such a nice hand and great feel, so soft.

Mood Fabrics' knit pique for Blackwood Cardigan


My previous cardigans were from a softer and stretchier knit, which are lovely but this fabric has a bit more substance and really worked well to make the cardigan, especially for the pocket.


Don’t the two colors work so nicely together?

You can probably can tell by my smile in these photos, I love this outfit and love these two garments.   They are so me – my style and my life.  This New Look pattern will be made several times for my fall and winter wardrobe, it just has such nice features.  Well, actually, the same goes for the cardigan, too, I need to make the shorter length.

Mood Fabrics' knit fabric sewn into basics, great by themselves or layering


Bring on fall, I am ready.  Tell me what is your favorite knit basic pattern and favorite type of knit?






  • Carol Muir
    September 30, 2017

    Great job! Love the colours together. I am thinking of making a cardigan or two as I can never find what I like in the stores.