Easy Ponte Summer Separates

Mood Fabrics Ponte Knit Summer Seperates

Hi there! Is it hot where you are? Because it sure is hot here! July is most definitely the least forgiving summer month in terms of the heat and humidity here in coastal Texas.  And, no coincidence, it also happens to be the summer month when I have the least interest in clothes of any sort! Even just looking at the prettiest of sundresses all I can think is “sweaty back”. It’s no surprise that my sewjo also takes a nosedive during the summer doldrums as well.  When wearing clothes turns into an unpleasant reality, making clothes loses a bit of its shine too!

So this month I wanted to bang out something easy-to-make, effortless to wear, and sweat-stain-proof (because, let’s be real, I don’t care how natural those fibers are, I’m gonna be sweating through that sh*t. I sweat in the shower, y’all. It’s that bad).  Enter – ponte knit.

Mood Fabrics Ponte Knit Summer Seperates

I never sew much with ponte, but every time I do I wonder why I don’t use it for basically everything. It’s such an easy fabric to sew, wear, and care for.  And Mood Fabrics has an excellent selection of ponte knits! This Royal Blue Stretch Polyester-Rayon Ponte de Roma is just such a fabric. The color is vibrant, the fabric is stretchy, but not flimsy, it can be made into structured garments if you so desire, or it can be used for draped designs, it behaves beautifully with a serger, and sewing machine alike, it presses well, and it can be thrown in the washer and dryer. It’s opaque so it doesn’t require a lining, yet surprisingly light and breathable. Seriously, I need an entire summer wardrobe of this stuff!

Mood Fabrics Ponte Knit Summer SeperatesMood Fabrics Ponte Knit Summer Seperates

The skirt pattern I chose to pair it with is the Deer and Doe Brume skirt.  I’ve made this skirt before in the mini version in some athletic/compression jersey and I wear that skirt at least once a week, so I knew this pattern was going to work for me. It’s a very quick sew, however the paneled design and shaped yoke give this skirt more interest, and shape, than a plain pencil skirt.

Mood Fabrics Ponte Knit Summer SeperatesMood Fabrics Ponte Knit Summer Seperates

This skirt – with it’s high waist and midi length – was pretty much begging for me to pair it with a crop top. I love playing with proportions like this: long and modest on the bottom, short and sassy on the top! I’m not really into baring my midriff, but when it’s just a little strip of belly I think it can be flattering.  Not to mention it alleviates the aforementioned “sweaty back” issue! For this little crop top I used some leftover scraps of this Ecru/Navy Saint James Striped Ponte Knit. I had used this fabric to make a traditional long sleeve, boatneck tee earlier in the year so I knew exactly what to expect from it.  Like the royal blue ponte, it plays well!

Mood Fabrics Ponte Knit Summer Seperates

For this top I used the bodice portion of the Named Patterns Beatrix Skater Dress.  I love the cutaway armholes and high neckline of this pattern. Again, a fun play on proportion with the cropped length, but high neck, and shoulder baring design. I had actually cut the pieces for the mock turtleneck collar, as I thought that would add even more drama to my proportion-play, but when it came time to attach it I broke out in prickly heat and had to mop the sweat off the nape of my neck. It’s too hot for turtlenecks! So instead I simply turned all the raw edges under and stitched them down using my 3-step stretch stitch on my machine.  It took longer to match the stripes while cutting than it did to sew this baby together!

Mood Fabrics Ponte Knit Summer Seperates

So there you have it! A couple quick hours of sewing and I have a new ensemble to keep me (relatively) cool in this brutal heat and humidity! How do you stay cool in the summer? What are your go-to fabrics? Any other fans of polyester blend pontes for their surprising breathability and complete no-show of sweat?



  • Cennetta
    August 1, 2017

    Ms. Sallie, you look great! Your outfit speaks summer, bright and cheery. I truly understand the brutality of the heat and humidity. It feels like a sauna in the mid-west too. Good thing almost everywhere you go the AC is on “north pole”. But I love wearing cotton, rayon, and natural fiber blends. For the frigid in-door climate, I always have a sweater or a ponte cardigan to fight off the cold.

  • Connie Turner
    August 2, 2017

    You look hot! lol

  • Chris
    August 5, 2017

    Sallieoh – thanks for the great review of the Ponte Knits and helpful links. I always thought of ponte as being a hot, sweaty, polyester-type fabric. So, this is an eye-opener.

    PS you look fantastic, as usual.

  • Lori
    August 7, 2017

    Great looking outfit and you look great wearing your new garments!

  • Becky Pearson
    August 22, 2017

    What a lovely outfit! I love the blue and it looks wearable in the summer heat!