Wool Houndstooth and Leather Skirt

It’s houndstooth time! This time each year I get the craving for a houndstooth something. I’ve bought it all throughout the years, but never tire of the crisp design. This year I decided to add a twist to my houndstooth garment. I began with a wool houndstooth I bought during my first visit to Mood Fabrics in 2011, which I planned to sew using Vogue’s 8750 skirt pattern…. and ultimately decided to have some fun with both the fabric and the pattern! My mother recently gave me a $1 thrift store leather skirt, and I thought the houndstooth pattern would […]


Brocade Skirt and Poly Knit Top

My plans for the gorgeous Mood Fabric’s Cranberry and Blue Wool Brocade… were twofold and meant not to be worn together: first a skirt and then jacket to be worn with the floral tie shirt from my last Mood Sewing Network item. If you’re thinking “what the floral?!” I have to tell you it looked really good together, at least draped on my dressform. Well, that fabric combination isn’t going to happen, because my blazer just didn’t work out and is now going to become a sleeveless blazer. That little speed bump in my sewing room didn’t stop me. I […]


Oscar de la Renta Silk Print Skirt

So this skirt, guys this skirt! It turned out so much better than I thought it would. It was definitely an experiment in more ways, than one so I was not expecting that. Experiment #1, working with this Oscar de la Renta silk twill fabric from Mood Fabrics. Man, I was up and down about this silk. One day I loved it, the next day I thought it was too attention-grabbing, the next, well you get the deal. Fortunately the end result I LOVE. I guess it was just one of those fabrics that makes you second guess yourself during the […]


More Chado Ralph Rucci Wool Double-Knit Options

I purchased three panels of the Chado Ralph Rucci Wool double knit from Mood Fabrics NYC because initially I had no idea what I would make with it.  After deciding upon the dress, I still had yards left.  So I thought a jacket and skirt combo would allow me to play with the purple stripe that’s a main feature of this fabric.  My last post was about the dress so this one is all about the suit. I chose a jacket pattern that I’d used before – Vogue 8209 which is out of print – because the lines worked well […]


Colorblocked Silk Skirt a la Kate Spade

  “Well if it isn’t Sultry and Sunshine!” blurted the drunk man upon seeing my friend and me. The year was 1984. My friend resembled Angelina Jolie and well, I just looked like myself, only 29 years younger. It’s not hard to know who was Sultry and who was Sunshine. I’m not sure what little Miss Sunshine was wearing that evening but I doubt it was yellow. There is no yellow in my home and I did not own any yellow clothes until two years ago after a medium told me I needed more yellow in my life. (Blogged HERE […]


Dotted Cotton Voile Blouse and Navy Denim Skirt

When I was planning my summer sewing in my new home of Seattle, with its seemingly jumbled mix of warm and cool, sunny and cloudy days, I was drawn to Mood Fabric’s cotton voiles. I thought they would be perfect for a summer blouse no matter the weather. This particular dotted cotton voile in cornflower blue was my favorite. A simple solid color with the interest being in the raised dots. It was perfectly behaved when cutting and sewing as well. Aren’t those dots so fun?! I imagined a loose blouse with sleeves that hit just above my wrists, long […]


Chevron Effect Lace Skirt

I have wanted to try this type of chevron effect for several years. Stripes are fun to be creative with but sometimes challenging to sew. This wavy lace from Mood Fabrics wasn’t difficult at all, though, because it’s a medium weight and kept its shape when sewn in bias form. It also had the cutest wavy black edges that I wasn’t able to use for this garment. The pattern I used had straight grain arrows on the paper, so first I had to draw in the bias grainline that I wanted. I did that with a drafting triangle left over […]


Damask Brocade Skirt

Shirt: Gap    Shoes: Madewell Inspired by this lovely skirt, I decided to make a similar one using Melissa Esplin’s box-pleat skirt tutorial. She literally posted this the DAY I was starting on the skirt so that made my life about 10x easier. I like to think that it’s because we’re on the same wavelength but well, it’s Melissa Esplin, so let’s not get carried away here. Haha, I was really thankful for the tutorial, though. (Thanks Melissa!) It was super simple to follow and I didn’t change anything except that I made my pleats a little closer together. (3″ instead of […]


A Summer Circle Quilt

No, I have not taken up quilting.  I gots ZERO time for quilting or knitting. Much respect to those with the patience for it!  Instead of working on that virtue, I let Mood Fabrics do the heavy lifting for me. I stumbled upon this panel yardage of quilted goodness when lurking the jersey aisle. I know, I know, my self imposed ban should have set klaxon alarms off, but a wee stroll on the wrong side of the tracks never hurt anyone… and the junctions of each aisle hold the strangest treasures. This beauty was a mere $14/yard, and as […]

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