New Workout Gear for the New Year!

Hello! It’s January 2018, and this month I will be sharing some workout clothes I made. My apologies in advance for being predictable and basic ūüôā I’ll admit, making workout clothes isn’t necessarily my favorite thing to sew – but it sure beats buying them! I’ve found that I prefer my gear to be neutrals like grey and black (but really, anything but pink. ANYTHING. Why are all women’s workout clothes pink, anyway??) and I love having a zippered pocket to hold my phone while I run. Both of these can be difficult to find – and if you do […]


Summer Activewear

Since moving into my new apartment last month, I have been busy discovering all the cool stuff in my area (bonus that it’s all pretty walkable, unlike at my last place in the middle of nowhere :P). One major selling point for me was that I am now super close – about 2 blocks, and again, walkable – to a really great greenway. The multi-use paths are nice and wide, mostly shaded by the trees, and there is a big creek that runs through it which means lots of cool bridges to cross! It’s a fantastic area for both cycling […]


Performance Spandex Activewear

One of my big sewing goals this year was to try sewing my own activewear as it is the one type of clothing that my wardrobe is fairly lacking in and which I do get a fair bit of wear out of yet have never tried to make. Why keep making party dresses which only make it out of the house once or twice when I can make something that I will really put through it’s paces and which looks interesting and challenging to sew to boot! Towards the end of last year I spotted the new range of Max-Dri […]


A Casual Bug

  Well, I guess that settles it, I’m on a separates kick. I had a lightbulb moment while making a top for my last pair of jeans (because it seems I can’t make a pair of Birkin flares without something to go with it–like a Liberty of London blouse). There’s a whole new learning curve for separates. I can get behind throwing all manner of yardage at my fancy dresses, including stuff meant for a casual t-shirt, but I’m finding the same isn’t so easily done with casual wear. Just ask my bag of February UFOs. And proportion! I gotta […]


An Athletic Inspired Mini Wardrobe

Hey everyone! I hope y’all have had a great September – I can’t believe it’s over already! Was it just me, or did it seem to fly by particularly fast? This month for the Mood Sewing Network I decided to do something a little different. ¬†Rather than making one garment, I spent each weekend sewing up one article of clothing with the aim of filling in a huge wardrobe gap for me – workout/leisure wear. ¬†All these garments were really fast makes, and I approached each as a little experiment. ¬†If you’ve ever looked at RTW active wear you know […]


Sporty Chic Separates

As much as a I love a beautiful dress, great separates keep my wardrobe moving on a daily basis. ¬†Sure, a dress is the epitome of one-piece dressing ease. ¬†But the ability to rework separates again and again, makes creating new outfit possibilities endless! Lately, I’ve been working on filling gaps in my wardrobe and I discovered that I need more knit tops that are wash and go and easy to throw on. ¬†And a striped nautical knit top is a perfect addition. ¬†I chose a beautiful black and ivory striped viscose fabric that was so popular that it’s sold […]


Sporty Sewing in Bamboo Jersey

I’ve been curious about bamboo fabric ever since my husband came home from a search-and-rescue team meeting one day back when we were in graduate school and told me that everyone on the team was switching to socks made out of bamboo because of the natural anti-bacterial properties of the fabric. (If you’re curious, his search-and-rescue team was an amazing group of volunteers that would get called out into the wilderness when people would get lost or injured while hiking or otherwise galavanting in the great outdoors.) I don’t talk about it much here, but I’ve been a competitive runner […]