Black Wool/Cashmere Pleated Pants

‘Tis the season for cashmere!

Wool/Cashmere Guise Pants - Front

And bad photography, for that matter. It’s a shame that black fabric is the worst to photograph, because it’s the best to wear.

Wool/Cashmere Guise Pants - Front

Also, it was raining while I took these pictures, and I may or may not have have imbibed in one too many adult beverages the night before… so gimmie some slack here, is all I’m saying.

Wool/Cashmere Guise Pants - side

Anyway, I love that it’s finally cool enough to justify wearing cashmere on a daily basis! Or, rather, a cashmere blend for those of us who aren’t quite rich enough to go full 100% 🙂

I don’t normally follow clothing trends (beyond seeing a picture of something and deciding that I like it), but I have been a big fan of the pleated pants/menswear fashion that is everywhere these days. Despite not working anything remotely related to corporate America these days, I still wanted some fancy suit pants in a warm wool fabric. I love the Guise Pants from Papercut Patterns, and I envisioned making some in a lightweight wool suiting, that would be classy enough to wear to a nice dinner, but could still be dressed down with converse and a tshirt (yes, I am one of THOSE people).

I’ve had the pattern in my queue since it’s release, but it took me months to find a suitable fabric. I wanted something soft and fleecy, thicker than proper suiting, but with a similar drape and the same wool content. I wanted it to be solid black with no woven designs or pinstripes. The perfect fabric eventually came to me from Mood Fabrics – a beautiful brushed wool/cashmere blend that is unfortunately sold out (this is similar, minus the cashmere and with a stiffer drape). It was described as a lightweight coating, but I ordered a swatch and was pleased to find out that the weight and drape was much closer to something you’d find in a pair of suit pants. At nearly $40/yard, it was a splurge, but I wanted those cashmere pants, dammit.

Wool/Cashmere Guise Pants - flat

Wool/Cashmere Guise Pants - flat

Wool/Cashmere Guise Pants - flat

I like this pattern because it includes all the elements from a cool pair of men’s suit pants, but made for a lady – with deep front pleats (that I ended up stitching down quite a bit more than the pattern suggested – otherwise, they looked too much like a diaper with my thick fabric!), slim legs that taper at the ankle, and a COMFY AS HELL back elastic waistband. For pocketing, I used some striped shirting from an old Mood Fabrics order.

Wool/Cashmere Guise Pants - Front

I realize this is not the silhouette for everyone (depending on how I stand, I still occasionally look like I’m rockin’ a wool diaper), but it’s a fun change from the practically skintight pants I normally wear. Plus, it’s hard to not feel like royalty when you’re partially covered in cashmere 🙂



  • Sarah Kate
    December 22, 2015

    I can practically feel the hangover oozing through the screen. Sorry. I am trying to decide whether it is worth standing in the heavy fog/mist to get some long over due photos. At least you get to wear crazy comfy cool (see what I did there) cashmere pants.

  • Kathleen
    December 23, 2015

    I love these pants on you! You’ve definitely inspired me to have another look at the Guise pants AND you’ve given me a brilliant idea to put an elastic in the back half of the waist band on ANY pants for that snug but comfortable fit. Love that you’ve made them out of a wool/cashmere blend. Warm but lightweight. Gorgeous job on the front of those pants! I aspire to be such a fine sewer as you 🙂

  • Fiona
    December 24, 2015

    Mmm cashmere pants! You must be so cosy!
    I must admit I’ve been really tempted by these since their release but it just feels like a style that wouldn’t be very flattering on me. You can totally pull them off though and have tempted me again! Maybe I should give them a try and topstitch down those pleats like you did to reduce some of the fullness