Black, Red, and White Striped Rayon Jersey Knit – Vogue 1314

After a mini purge of my closets, I noticed that there were huge empty spaces that need to be filled with more clothes made by me. 😉 I decided to start with a few tops. This is the second of many more to make.  My new toppers will fill the void were the worn tattered garments used to hang. So here’s to beefing up my wardrobe with a simple pullover t-shirt made with Mood’s Italian Pirate Black/Mars Red/Bright White Bengal Striped Stretch Rayon Jersey Knit.


This jersey is fantastic. It’s perfect for keeping it simple. I used Vogue 1314 again. I wanted it to be a quick and easy project; I knew this pattern could deliver with no problem at all. So, here’s to simple and easy with great fabric and a must have TNT pattern.


Parting Shot:  flowering bunches in my backyard.

Happy Sewing!