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Double-Faced Wool Crepe & Houndstooth Dress

My usual journey when starting a new garment is the fabric.  I roam the aisle of Mood Fabrics’ NYC store touching fabrics and waiting for the perfect piece to jump out at me, demanding to be brought home and sewn up. This time though, it was the pattern that spoke to me first.  It was Vogue 1370 ~ a sheath dress with fabric inserts and literally I saw the dress in black and white. With that idea in mind, I headed off to Mood to purchase fabric.  I don’t know about you, but me, I love a great wool crepe […]


Sunday Best Wool Gingham Dress

  When I picked this wool/poly-blend gingham at the Mood Fabrics NYC store, I knew exactly what I wanted it to be.  A sleeveless version of my TNT dress with white piping. I played around with several other options but I kept coming back to this simple silhouette which highlights the fabric, because that’s what I really wanted—to highlight the fabric.  Here are a few ginghams from MoodFabrics.com. I saw this picture of gingham-style outfits in the November 2013 issue of Vogue Magazine and I knew I was on the right track.  Even when making my wool bouclé jacket, I […]


60’s-Inspired Vintage Jacket in Wool Bouclé

I found this awesome wool boucle on the third floor of Mood Fabric’s NYC store.  I know people have favorite sections of the store, but me, I love the third floor because it’s magical!  You never know what you’ll find there and every time I climb the stairs, I find the most amazing delights. To be honest, I’ve had this piece for a minute.  When Todd pulled it off the rack for me, I squealed with joy because not only is it a beautiful creamy medium-weight bouclé but it’s also backed with interfacing. Peoples, to me this is like finding […]


The Chado Ralph Rucci Wool Double Knit Dress

This garment is ALL about the fabric.  This amazing Chado Ralph Rucci wool double knit fabric was posted on Mood Fabric’s Instagram account a couple of weeks ago. After some discussion online, some drooling and a desire that just wouldn’t go away, I went to the Mood NYC store and purchased three panels, or 4 3/4 yards of fabric. Editor’s note: Here are two wool double knits we have online; both Mood stores carry many more colors of wool double knits. It’s an awesome piece of fabric with a lot of possibility so I went through several ideas of how […]


Menswear Suiting for Fall

This month’s garment is a combination of menswear suiting and wool crepe. A dress (yes another dress!) that works with my style aesthetic and the corporate dress code that governs my days…oh and most importantly I’m sewing fall now.  Yes, I know that there are still lovely summer breezes blowing and days full of heat and humidity…but every fashion magazine is telling me it’s fall…and quite frankly this year I actually want to sew fall early. So with two things in mind (designer interpretation and fall fashions) I went to the mens’ suiting department on the upper floor of the […]


A Designer Interpretation in Linen

  I like the designer, Barbara Tfank, for her ladylike dresses.  To me they express a classic elegance that epitomizes the look of the 1960s.  Her dresses speak of Grace Kelly’s and Jackie Kennedy’s style and panache to me.  So even though my original idea was for a sheath dress and jacket in black linen, this style spoke to me even more. Now there’s loads of black linen at the Mood NYC and LA stores and online at MoodFabrics.com. I know linen is a basic and not a flashy designer fabric BUT it is a staple in my summer wardrobe. […]


A Designer Cotton Print Skirt

After my last Mood project, my niece’s prom dress, I decreed that my next project would be something easy using one of the designer cottons that I’d seen in the NYC store.  It’s one of the nice things about the Mood Fabrics NYC store, the aisles are long and filled to the brim with possibilities.  However, this cotton print by Theory was in a bin right near the front of the aisle…   …and even though I walked the entire length of the aisle and touched several awesome pieces, I kept coming back to the Theory print.  Now don’t get […]


Silk Crepe-Back Satin for the Prom

I’ve made a few prom dresses over the years.  Generally I shy away from this type of sewing because of the high expectations for the dress. I don’t want to dash someone’s dreams. However, every once in awhile someone special to me asks if I will make a dress for them…usually I end up agreeing. This year it was my niece.   This dress process started with a scouting trip to Mood Fabrics’ NYC store. Her color was mint green. So with the help of the staff at Mood, I came up with four swatches that I sent to my […]


A Wool Crepe Dress for Spring

I know it’s spring out.  The calendar tells me so…the weather not so much!  You know it’s doing that hot/cold/hot/cold thing that April likes to do.  But I sooooo want it to be spring.  I want warm breezes and long sunny days with the promise of fun and a wardrobe of dresses that I can wear every day.  Because it’s spring although it doesn’t feel like spring, I decided to use a brightly colored lightweight wool crepe to bring a little spring loveliness to my life.   This lime green wool crepe was my starting point.  Somewhere I read/saw that […]

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