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Oscar de la Renta Bouclé Jacket with Leather Trim

The navy and black color combo is currently a very popular trend. Even though I still think you shouldn’t wear black shoes with a navy dress, I do like them together in fabrics or colorblocked. Which is why, when I spotted this black and almost-navy plaid boucle at Mood Fabrics, I knew I wanted it for something. It’s Oscar de la Renta fabric with metallic threads and tiny black sequins, and reminds me somewhat of the fabric used for this dress – also OdlR, and also with sequins. I decided on jacket 106 from the February 2013 Burda issue, but […]


Designer Silk Crepe de Chine Long-Sleeve Top

I think I might be the last Mood Sewing Network blogger to make a garment out of Mood’s great Thakoon designer fabrics. Seriously. But, I’d seen a photo of how the designer used this fabric, and I couldn’t get his top out of my mind. That blue solid border wanted to be at the top of a long sleeve top, so of course I had to wait for some cooler weather to use it. This Thakoon designer fabric is a silk crepe de chine from Mood Fabrics, and it has a neat border of the tie-dye print morphing into a […]


Italian Brocade Sheath Dress

About this time last year, Mood fabrics got in a wide array of Italian brocades with raised floral imprints. They were divine and I had a really hard time picking the exact one I wanted. Eventually I settled on this one in aqua with red, yellow and navy color accents. It looks like an abstract painting and the red bits look a little like dripping blood. It’s so interesting and unusual. Then, because I loved it so much, it sat around in my to-do pile before I could finally muster up the courage to cut into it. Unfortunately, after all […]


Amanda’s Mini-Me in Bold Novelty Lace

I had a large remnant of black and white wavy lace left over from last month’s Mood Fabrics skirt. One of the things I loved about this fabric was the solid black wave along the selvages. I couldn’t utilize it in the skirt, so I went looking for a simple dress pattern to make something for Rachel. This is McCall’s 6058, a pillow sack dress pattern that’s reversible. The inside fabric I used is the same tan cotton blend that I used for my skirt. Since the pattern was for an infant, I made the largest size and added 6 […]


Sequin T-Shirt

I never make t-shirts. Never. My mind is always thinking they are too simple to make. I like complexity and challenge. I’ll just buy them instead, I tell myself. Except, I am finding good quality t-shirts harder and harder to find. These days they all seem to be made from extremely thin material that pills after several washes. So, I’ve made my very first t-shirt: The body is made from a sequined wave cotton jersey from Mood fabrics. I ordered a swatch of it several months ago and fell in love. The sequins are sewn on with nylon thread on […]


Chevron Effect Lace Skirt

I have wanted to try this type of chevron effect for several years. Stripes are fun to be creative with but sometimes challenging to sew. This wavy lace from Mood Fabrics wasn’t difficult at all, though, because it’s a medium weight and kept its shape when sewn in bias form. It also had the cutest wavy black edges that I wasn’t able to use for this garment. The pattern I used had straight grain arrows on the paper, so first I had to draw in the bias grainline that I wanted. I did that with a drafting triangle left over […]


Little Girl Cotton Lace Dress

  After using stretch polyester lace a few months ago, I decided to try some cotton lace for a summer dress for Rachel. This fabric is from Mood and has a nice weight to it – not too heavy but substantial enough for a dress. It was very easy to work with and ironed well. Of course, being lace, it needed some type of underlining. I tried it atop lots of different colors and finally chose a dark teal cotton. I chose a simple pattern for this dress in order to show off the lace. I cut a 1/2 for […]

Oscar de la Renta Silk Mikado Dress

I spotted this floral on Mood Fabrics’ website a few months back and thought it was really pretty. I’m gravitating towards large florals these days and I liked all the empty space around the flowers of this print. It’s described as a silk and wool blend (silk mikado) which intrigued me. It’s also an Oscar de la Renta fabric, so I knew it had to be luscious. Editor’s note: Silk mikado fabric is a favorite of designers for its soft hand but stiff drape, which gives it the ability to be shaped into dramatic curves and flounces. It’s a beautiful […]


The Lace Dress That Became a Lace Skirt

It’s the Lace Challenge month at the Mood Sewing Network and in the past few months there has been a flurry of excitement and activity concerning the picking out of a choice piece of lace. I did not participate in any of that excitement, though, because way back in July of last year I used my Mood money to purchase some exquisitely beautiful green lace. (It sold out quickly so I unfortunately cannot link you to it. Here are some of their other laces.) Oh I had plans! I bought 3 yards and could have done just about anything. So […]

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