An Achromatic Jacket

After making Vogue 1493, a Koos pattern, as a gift, I decided I needed a version for myself.

Not sure how I decided something for ME should be black and white, but it’s definitely the loudest black and white around!

I chose two thick woven cotton blends from the shirting floor at Mood NY, which also houses leather, jersey, Liberty, wax print, denim, and a small section of this sort of snuggly thing. I go to this particular section of shelving a LOT. (A great online combo awaits here and here!)

To be honest, that sleeve is not on purpose! This pattern is a little bit of origami, and I mixed up lower & upper sleeves when cutting. I’m glad for the mistake, I like how the contrast print breaks up the sleeve…

And I reeeeeeallllly like my sharp triangles! I am fully patting myself on the back for that.

My camera skills, however, need help. Here’s a fairly bad shot of the front, so you can see that the center front does indeed match up ;). That is exactly what my face is saying here.

The cuffs are supposed to be cut on the fold, but I decided to face them with remnants of Ankara from this ensemble. Because, more print mixing.

It’s nice to have something achromatic in my closet! I wore it last week with a leopard print two set, a loose crocheted red sweater, and fringed cowboy boots. Black n’ white goes with everything, right?



  • Waco
    December 2, 2017

    Just opened my Bloglovin this fine Saturday morning, and there was that usual little thrilling “I wonder what good new stuff I’ll discover this morning”, all the while thinking, “it would be so neat if Marci had a new post but – naw, she’s probably too busy with holiday stuff”. And then – Shazam! Check out the awesome thing she made! I really love this. To me, the upper sleeves and sleeve bindings are what really make this stand out. It looks very “Marci” and cozy at the same time. Your sewing always inspires me, but this is particularly right on time as I have plans to make my first winter coat-type-thing this weekend (what passes for winter weather is going to come back next week). Great job, Oonaballona!

    • ahh thank you!! I got more goodies for you– I put some tips up on my blog about this pattern. I agree with you– though I’m surprised at how much this looks like me!

  • Sarah webb
    December 2, 2017

    Love your second version of this Marci- I’m now thinking it could be adapted for winter —-(do I need another winter jacket?!)

  • Linda LaMona
    December 2, 2017

    Love this!! Great fabrics

    December 26, 2017


  • Chris
    December 26, 2017

    Love IT