A Raspberry Wine Maxi Shirt Dress


Are you seeing double? I gasped when I saw Sallie’s June MSN project, done in the same print, different color way!


However, Sallie’s mind was much more romantic and thoughtful about the whole enterprise, casting herself in a role she needed to create an ensemble for.


Her role was American Beauty, mine is Raspberry Wine…how fitting is that. Now, neither of us knew we’d both picked this lovely viscose–to boot, we both had a mind to make a shirtdress, and we both had a mind to end the buttons well before the end of the actual dress!


Sallie was perfectly cast in her choice of pattern. My role’s costume, however: Vintage Vogue 9106, was an exercise in fitting a square peg into a round hole. I slam crashed my way through various hacks and cuts until I got something that looked like me. The pattern doesn’t call for a maxi skirt with a curved hip panel, or edges finished with elastic picot trim, and it certainly didn’t mean to be sleeveless. (I’ll explain more later this week on my blog.)

I basically rewrote the role until it suited me.


Which is actually just how I like it, so I guess I typecast myself in spite of myself!



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