A Marble Print Dress

Mood Fabrics Marble Print Rayon | Seamwork Catarina

Hi Everyone, and happy May! It’s getting to be that time of year when I live in dresses.  There’s nothing better on a hot, sticky day than throwing on an easy, breezy dress and a pair of sandals, and that’s exactly the type of garments I’ve been interested in sewing lately.  In my climate I can really never have too many sundresses!

Mood Fabrics Marble Print Rayon | Seamwork Catarina

This month for the Mood Sewing Network I decided to delve into this scrumptious Dusty Turquoise/White Marble Rayon Print from Mood Fabrics online.  Rayon challis is one of my favorite fabrics to wear. It has many of the same qualities as silk – a gorgeous fluid drape, it’s lightweight, and breathable, but it feels less formal than silk, making it perfect for the sort of wear-everyday-for-every-occasion dresses I like to try to fill my closet with.

Mood Fabrics Marble Print Rayon | Seamwork Catarina

But of course what really stole my heart was this fabulous, modern marble print! As you probably know by now, I’m a sucker for a good print, especially one that seems a bit unusual or hard-to-find.  And this print was just the thing to turn a simple dress into something more unique.

Mood Fabrics Marble Print Rayon | Seamwork Catarina

The pattern is Catarina from Seamwork.  This was a very straightforward pattern, however it took me much longer than the suggested time of two hours! Then again, I’m not sure I could sew a pencil case in two hours! The top is double layered with bust darts, and the skirt is a simple gathered, slightly a-line, rectangle.  The waist has clear elastic sewn into the seam allowance to give some shaping and there is a skinny tie belt to go with it.  Perhaps my favorite part on this dress are the bra-strap style spaghetti straps.  It would be so easy to cut the straps to your preferred length and skip the step of fiddling with the bra ring and slider, but I feel like it gives this otherwise straightforward dress a little something something.

Mood Fabrics Marble Print Rayon | Seamwork Catarina
Mood Fabrics Marble Print Rayon | Seamwork Catarina

I’ve already worn this dress a ton since I made it a few weeks ago! It seems perfect for just about every occasion – work, date night, drinks with friends, walks on the beach… While I think it’s really special in this print, I’m thinking I might need a few more in some solid colors too – good thing Mood’s got me covered there, too!

Mood Fabrics Marble Print Rayon | Seamwork Catarina

What’s your favorite style to wear when the weather gets warm?



  • Amanda S.
    May 25, 2016

    I’m with you on the dresses during the summer. I get a lot of “why are you so dressed up” questions and looks but really, there’s nothing cooler. You get much more air circulation then you would in a pair of shorts. Anyway, I love the dress! The print is fun and unique and looks super comfortable to wear. I’m remembering that bra-strap slider idea for my next spaghetti strapped garment. I live for the little something somethings.

  • Amy
    May 25, 2016

    Gorgeous dress! I just love the print, and I’m going to second Amanda in saying that I’m going to have to remember the bra-strap slider the next time I make a dress like this. I’ve made several Sewaholic Saltsprings, and I’ve either used Tasia’s intended method of tying the straps or measuring and permanently sewing a single length of strap to my desired length. But, a slider would give me the best of both worlds!

  • kelli
    May 28, 2016

    this is so gorgeous. Ive been waiting for someone to make up this dress so i can see what it looks like. i think i have the perfect fabric. hmmm.

  • Angie
    May 29, 2016

    beautiful summer dress! i may just have to get this fabric too! i am a huge fan of rayon challis myself!

  • Olga
    June 1, 2016

    Love that print! The dress looks beautiful.

  • Fiona
    June 2, 2016

    I WISH it was getting to a time of year over here in the UK when I could live in sundresses like yours! I’ve had my eye on that print for a long long time and you have used it so well! Love the look of that pattern too