A hood, some plaid and loud red pants

Well hello there everyone, I’m Tasha and this is my first post for the Mood Sewing Network. I’m so glad to be here!

My first project is actually a whole outfit: that kind of thing when the sewing gears start turning and you tell yourself “Oh yes, that would be a good idea”, followed by “Yes, definitely a great idea!” and finally, “Yes, yes, yes I must make this happen!”


I sew with a lot of vintage patterns, and this outfit was no exception.

The red pants are actually the third pair of pants in a journey with a pattern. Ever go on one of those? Yep, I’m there right now. It’s a vintage Simplicity pattern from 1967, just a plain slim trousers, but I re-architected them into jeans, and now these twill pants! I’m in the process of making a few pair so that I can actually do a tutorial series to make 1950s or 1940s inspired jeans. This red twill pair is part of my journey. And boy, do I love them.


I used a sturdy non-stretch Tomato Red Organic Twill (there’s several other colors). The non-stretch threw me off a bit because they are really non-stretch, so these ended up a hair more fitted than I expected. But they’re cotton so they’ve already started relaxing a bit, so only time will tell if I’d want to give myself a bit more breathing room (literally) in the future.

These pants have a hidden zipper inside the pocket just like some vintage women’s jeans, which I love. But I think my favorite part about these pants is how the white topstitching pops against that bright bright twill, and the back pocket embroidery. I’ve sewn a lot of jeans with back pockets, and I’m usually at a loss for how to decorate them, even though ideally I want to find something I like and stick with it as a personal touch I repeat. Especially with these big ol’ vintage pockets (hey my cell phone fits fully in them, don’t knock ’em). They just needed… something. This time I used a big X and I love the look! I think I’ve found my new favorite way to decorate back pockets.



The plaid hooded shirt doesn’t seem like something you’d want in summer, but actually it’s an airy, lightweight voile (oops I see it’s now sold out!). And obviously, it’s super comfy. I used McCall’s 3942, from the 50s. I dislike long sleeved shirts when it gets cooler because as soon as I feel chilly I put on a sweater, and I hate shoving sleeves in a sweater. So for cool summer evenings, camping and outdoor adventures, I thought this would be perfect. And that hood! Swoon!


I mean, a hood? That’s one of the things I love about sewing with vintage patterns. Sure a modern pattern might have a hood, but it’s the little details I love about vintage. The drawstring waist is an unusual touch I’d never tried before and I really like. The hood is faced, and I thought about using red voile but searched through my stash and turned up nothing, so I stuck with plaid for the facing.


It was a beast to try and match all the plaid in part because the fabric was surprisingly shifty, and I 75% failed. But at least I have it lined up nicely across the center front, and the two sleeves match each other. Sometimes you just have to leave your sewing hangups at the door and enjoy the finished product. And I definitely enjoy this shirt!

The outfit probably says “fall” more than “summer” but I couldn’t resist anyway. Bring on the toasted marshmallows!





  • Peter
    July 31, 2017

    Welcome, Tasha. Love your outfit!

  • Cennetta
    July 31, 2017

    Hi Tasha, Welcome to the Network. Super cute outfit.

  • Lisa
    August 1, 2017

    Great outfit! I especially love the top. I have thought about making something like that ever since I watched Gidget a few years ago. I seems perfect for cool summer evenings.