Italian Brocade Sheath Dress

About this time last year, Mood fabrics got in a wide array of Italian brocades with raised floral imprints. They were divine and I had a really hard time picking the exact one I wanted. Eventually I settled on this one in aqua with red, yellow and navy color accents. It looks like an abstract painting and the red bits look a little like dripping blood. It’s so interesting and unusual. Then, because I loved it so much, it sat around in my to-do pile before I could finally muster up the courage to cut into it. Unfortunately, after all […]


Men’s Fitted Fashion for Fall

It is still hot and humid outside, but I’m in fall sewing mode. This month I wanted to make some basics that could carry me into cooler weather, and at Mood Fabrics I found soft and silky cotton shirting in a rich tan, as well as a great bottom-weight navy cotton twill (Sorry about the pet hair — I live with two dogs). Note: has a ton of new cotton shirtings, as do our two stores, and here are some great cotton twills. I love earth tones for fall, and cocoa is a favorite shade.  I decided to make […]


The End of Summer White Maxi Dress

This pattern has been on my “To Sew” list since last year.  I was determined to get it made this season.  And I did, in the nick of time! < This pattern is Vogue 1305.  And it’s a designer one — Lialia by Julia Alarcon.  She was also profiled on “All on the Line with Joe Zee” last season. The description of this dress is as follows: semi-fitted, lined, pullover dress (fitted through hips) has draped right side extending into sleeve, left side slit, shoulder opening, and back opening with button/loop. Note: shoulder opening can be worn as neck opening. I […]


Blooming Blues Maxi Dress in Cotton Voile

If ever there was a time where the fabric led in the creation of a garment, this maxi dress is it for me. When I saw this “Blooms Cotton Voile Print” in Mood Fabrics’ online collection, it just screamed, “Make me into a summer maxi dress – right now!!” Well, maybe it’s a bit too dreamy and romantic to actually have done any yelling, but you get my point. In my mind it was a maxi dress even when it was just a small square of digital fabric on my computer screen. Editor’s note: Lots more cotton voile prints and […]


A Mountain Of Jersey

  There are clothes that women love on women, there are clothes that men love on women, and never the twain shall meet. Well, the fairer sex can usually go both ways, but the harder sex, if you will forgive the pun, can’t get behind certain styles: High waisted jeans. Bubble skirts.  Gathered waists. Drop crotch. So obviously, being away from Ruggy, I am consoling myself by making the things he will undoubtedly dislike, and reaping the praise of the female company I’m keeping at work. Is this to spite him? No! Never! Look, if my man’s not here to compliment […]


Jersey Knit Maxi Dress

So what does a 5’9″ girl do when she wants a maxi dress and she cannot find one in a store long enough? In my house, you ask Mom to make one. Meredith’s request was for a simple maxi dress out of some fabulous fabric.  I sent her right to Mood Fabrics and she created a Mood board just for her, appropriately named Meredith Maxi Dress. The Mood board is such a convenient way to gather virtual swatches for a pattern, garment type or fabric type.  Once Meredith had thoroughly searched the Mood site, she decided on Mood Fabrics’ jersey knit, which reminds me of […]


Amanda’s Mini-Me in Bold Novelty Lace

I had a large remnant of black and white wavy lace left over from last month’s Mood Fabrics skirt. One of the things I loved about this fabric was the solid black wave along the selvages. I couldn’t utilize it in the skirt, so I went looking for a simple dress pattern to make something for Rachel. This is McCall’s 6058, a pillow sack dress pattern that’s reversible. The inside fabric I used is the same tan cotton blend that I used for my skirt. Since the pattern was for an infant, I made the largest size and added 6 […]

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