When Feathers and Silk Call Your Name

This was supposed to be a post about a large scale print wrap-skirt. I walked into the Mood Fabrics LA store with a vintage, peacock-printed, maxi-wrap skirt in hand. I was intent on finding a large scale print to make myself a new wrap skirt and I needed the vintage one to estimate the yardage needed—depending on the width, it was looking like 5-6 yards.  Nian (like Diane with an “N”) offered to help me find what I was looking for. On our way to the printed fabrics that can stand the wear and tear of a summer with four […]


A Designer Cotton Print Skirt

After my last Mood project, my niece’s prom dress, I decreed that my next project would be something easy using one of the designer cottons that I’d seen in the NYC store.  It’s one of the nice things about the Mood Fabrics NYC store, the aisles are long and filled to the brim with possibilities.  However, this cotton print by Theory was in a bin right near the front of the aisle…   …and even though I walked the entire length of the aisle and touched several awesome pieces, I kept coming back to the Theory print.  Now don’t get […]


Chevron Effect Lace Skirt

I have wanted to try this type of chevron effect for several years. Stripes are fun to be creative with but sometimes challenging to sew. This wavy lace from Mood Fabrics wasn’t difficult at all, though, because it’s a medium weight and kept its shape when sewn in bias form. It also had the cutest wavy black edges that I wasn’t able to use for this garment. The pattern I used had straight grain arrows on the paper, so first I had to draw in the bias grainline that I wanted. I did that with a drafting triangle left over […]


Summer Seaside Dress

Hi, everyone! It’s finally summer here in NYC, so for my June project, I wanted to make a dress fit for a vacation (even though I don’t have any trips planned, boo). I feel like I’m ready to sail away on a yacht in this dress! Well, maybe a dinghy… not sure if I’m quite posh enough for a yacht… I picked out a lovely cotton voile from Mood Fabrics to keep the dress light and floaty on sticky days. Originally, I wanted a lighter color, but when I laid eyes on this blue, I was hooked (here’s a similar […]


Oscar de la Renta Summer Dress

  Top Ten Reasons To Sew Another Summer Dress 10. The last one was too big. 9. I’m eager to make another muslin. 8. Too hot to wear anything else. 7. I’m on a quest to perfect the hand-picked zipper technique. 6. No buttons or buttonholes to sew. 5. Fabric requirement almost the same as a top. 4. Slim silhouette makes me look taller. 3. Cleaned out closet and the emptiness is disturbing. 2. Need something new to wear for my 30th wedding anniversary tomorrow. (You read that correctly.) And the number one reason to sew another dress ……………… I […]


Patchwork Madras and Pink Linen

Summer is almost here and I’m ready to dress for it! On my latest shopping trip to Mood Fabrics NYC I came home with two gorgeous summer-weight fabrics.  The first was two and a half yards of this splendid cotton patchwork madras. I’m not the preppiest person in the world but patchwork madras is a summer classic I love: it has such a playful, casual look to it.  Mood Fabrics has many different color schemes to choose from.  At first I thought I’d make a shirt, then I thought shorts — as luck would have it, I had enough yardage […]


Twisted Silk Jersey Maxi Dress

To celebrate the coming arrival of the summer solstice here in the US, what could be better than making a maxi dress out of a luxurious silk jersey from Mood Fabrics? One of my newfound favorite fabrics draped all over me? Yes, please! I’ve had my eye on Mood’s online silk jersey print section ever since making my silk jersey bow top last summer. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit I wear that top almost weekly. While I have a thing for bow tops, I know the reason it’s one of my go-tos is the fabric. I didn’t want to […]


Marc Jacobs Linen-Blend Spring Coat

A tailoring project for my next Mood Sewing Network project that has been a long time coming.  The fabric was moved all around my sewing room, just waiting to be made into a fabulous spring coat.  What fabric did I select?  This fabulous Mood Fabrics’ Marc Jacobs linen-cotton. I knew right when I purchased this fabric is was going to be a coat, Vogue 8884, in fact.  The fabric seems to yell, “good-bye winter, hello, spring.”  Or in my case with the Summer solstice approaching, “good-bye spring and hello summer!”  Whichever one you say, this fabric is fabulous to work […]


A Brief History of My Obsession with Mood Fabrics

Editor’s note: We are pleased to welcome Carrie of This Mama Makes Stuff as our newest Mood Sewing Network blogger. She replaces Renee, who unfortunately had to bow out of MSN due to time constraints. Carrie blogs from Orange County, CA, and she loves to shop at Mood LA and sew unique children’s clothes. We’re delighted to have her and hope you’ll enjoy following her here. Even though it was over 12 years ago, I still remember the day a co-worker guided me into that old, rickety elevator on 37th street and introduced me to Mood, my little slice of […]

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