Silk Crepe-Back Satin for the Prom

I’ve made a few prom dresses over the years.  Generally I shy away from this type of sewing because of the high expectations for the dress. I don’t want to dash someone’s dreams. However, every once in awhile someone special to me asks if I will make a dress for them…usually I end up agreeing. This year it was my niece.   This dress process started with a scouting trip to Mood Fabrics’ NYC store. Her color was mint green. So with the help of the staff at Mood, I came up with four swatches that I sent to my […]


Wiggly Peplum Dress!

What comes first– the pattern or the fabric? It’s an age-old question, really (no, it’s not)! Me, I go to Mood Fabrics in NYC armed with a plan and a pattern every month, with a pretty decent idea of what I’m looking for, but I’m invariably assaulted by a beautiful fabric of a completely different variety and end up leaving with her! It’s a pretty good bet that if I come in looking for gold brocade, I’m probably going to leave with fuchsia voile. This fabric was no exception! I had completely different plans for this month’s project, but when […]


Designer Denim Made to Order

A little over a year ago after first watching Kenneth D. King’s Jean-ius class on Craftsy, I promised my good friend that I’d copy her one pair of fancy designer jeans for her. She’s 4’10″, and a good fitting pair of jeans is hard to come by. She can’t just hem longer jeans since the knees end up too low. She actually had to special order her one pair and still have them hemmed. Then months and months passed as work and other projects got in the way. Finally, around the beginning of this year, I was determined to get […]


Gray Abstract Silk Cape Sleeve Dress

The moment I saw Butterick 5884, it was love at first sight.  And I knew I’d be making View B.  The other version was just too “basic”… like I’ve seen it too many times.   This dress reminds me of the Halston dresses my mother wore in the 70s.  It has that “I’m off to Studio 54” feel and that was also a draw.  And I knew I wanted to make it in a print, but nothing as bold as the one on the pattern envelope.  This design can hold its own.  So I went with another Thakoon silk crepe […]


Maxi Dress from Designer Tie-Dyed Silk

  It pays to be naughty sometimes. Especially this time. Here is McCall’s 6700. “For Moderate Stretch Knits Only” I had sewn the pattern before and didn’t see anything stretchy about it…… and I had to have this Blue Tie-Dye Silk Crepe de Chine Border Print from Mood Fabrics…… and I had to make this maxi dress in this silk. At 5’2” I rarely wear border fabrics and I knew this was my chance. It’s been a long time since I broke the rules, but I think it was worth it 😉 Indeed – a perfect dress for Memorial Day […]


A Silk Dress for Peter’s Cousin Cathy

For my second post this month I decided to make something completely different: a Forties day dress for my “identical cousin” Cathy Lane.  (I’ll finish my gray suit next month — promise.) At Mood I found the most gorgeous silk charmeuse with what look like parrot tulips in orange tones set against a background of deep purplish-blue — a very Forties-style print and palette. Editor’s note: We have loads of floral silk charmeuses online and in our two stores. Here’s a pretty blue-and-green stretch silk charmeuse. I chose this wonderful WWII-era Simplicity pattern from my pattern stash: a simple day dress […]


Summertime Calls for Knit Tops: Three New Ones for Me!

A staple of my summer wardrobe is knit tops, but I try to change it up a bit with them.  If I am using a staple fabric, then I like to use a unusual knit top pattern, but if the fabric is fabulous on its own then I try to use a more basic pattern to showcase the fabric.  It was hard to decide which knits to pick from Mood Fabrics extensive online selection but don’t worry, I was able to make three choices and add several more to my portfolio for future purchases.  Some criteria for my knit tops: […]


Little Girl Cotton Lace Dress

  After using stretch polyester lace a few months ago, I decided to try some cotton lace for a summer dress for Rachel. This fabric is from Mood and has a nice weight to it – not too heavy but substantial enough for a dress. It was very easy to work with and ironed well. Of course, being lace, it needed some type of underlining. I tried it atop lots of different colors and finally chose a dark teal cotton. I chose a simple pattern for this dress in order to show off the lace. I cut a 1/2 for […]

Canvas Book-Bag Tote

Ok so let me preface this by saying that I know these are not a big deal. But they were much needed and when are more bags ever not a good idea? Haha, really though. I used this canvas fabric from Mood Fabrics, and then Megan Nielsen’s tote bag tutorial. (The one on the right is the ‘thicker straps’ version and the one on the left is the original). The fabric was cool because it had a different texture on each side, so I ended up making two bags–one with the more smooth texture facing out, and then one with the bumpy side […]

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