Chiffon With Teeth (and Beaks)

Well, hello color. You may remember this looney bin silk chiffon print, mentioned last month as a hopeful mate for my pink lace. The match was not meant to be, they fought like cats and dogs. Or more like zebra-colored-leopards-with-butterfly-wings and parrots-with-armadillo-bodies. Not even joking. It’s aaallll in there. This fabric had another surprise in store for me: a LOT of streeeeetch!!! I was shocked when I gave it a tug pre-sewing! You see, I had bookmarked this print in my Mood online portfolio, without much thought to the fabric type (Must. Haz. CRAZYANIMALS.), so when the lovely Joshua led […]


A Silk Sundress

The moment that Mood Fabrics posted a photo of this gorgeous Thakoon Addition fabric on their Instagram account, I immediately found it on and pulled the trigger on the purchase.  I was already in the mindset to make summer dresses, but I was still mentally deliberating on fabric choices.  And seeing this fabric at that exact moment… well, it was just serendipitous. This beautiful paisley print silk crepe de chine was the perfect marriage of fabric and pattern to Butterick 5886.  This fabric is so lightweight, floaty and luxurious.  It was perfect for a halter-style, high-low hem dress.   I […]


Farmer’s Market Cotton Knit Dress

I planned on publishing a post with F O U R garments and here I am with O N E. …….. and it looks really easy doesn’t it? Well, it wasn’t. I’m determined to master sewing casual clothes, but mistakenly I’ve confused c a s u a l with e a s y . After thumbing through a J. Crew catalogue, I ordered four fabulous knits from Mood Fabrics’ enormous collection with the plan of making four garments for casual wear. This was originally to be my Farmer’s Market dress; my toss-on dress for weekend errands. I searched for a […]


Cavalli Cowl

One of my favorite things about Mood Fabrics is their large selection of designer fabrics. One designer I’d had my eye on for awhile but hadn’t yet worked with was Roberto Cavalli. When I found this Cavalli jersey print on the Mood site, I snapped up a couple yards, even though I didn’t have a project in mind at the time. I just couldn’t pass up those glittery roses, and I figured the fact that it was a jersey would give me a lot of pattern options. When it arrived, I became fixated on finding a pattern that would allow […]


Dotted Cotton Voile Shirt and Rose Denim Pants

I tell you, I love the hum of  my sewing machine, it relaxes me, calms me, makes me happy.  It is just the perfect hobby and activity.   Now add to the hum of my sewing machine,  The Great British Sewing Bee playing on my laptop in the sewing room and it just doesn’t get much better than that.  As I was working on my blouse from White/Black Geometric Voile, the show just inspired me to do an even better job. I was imagining May and Patrick critiquing my garment and suggesting other options: The critiques would be positive comments on parts of […]


A Wool Crepe Dress for Spring

I know it’s spring out.  The calendar tells me so…the weather not so much!  You know it’s doing that hot/cold/hot/cold thing that April likes to do.  But I sooooo want it to be spring.  I want warm breezes and long sunny days with the promise of fun and a wardrobe of dresses that I can wear every day.  Because it’s spring although it doesn’t feel like spring, I decided to use a brightly colored lightweight wool crepe to bring a little spring loveliness to my life.   This lime green wool crepe was my starting point.  Somewhere I read/saw that […]


White Linen Pants and “Butter” Cotton Shirt

One of my goals since joining the Mood Sewing Network has been to create garments that coordinate with each other.  It’s frustrating to have a closet full of cool pieces when nothing goes with anything else. Having sewn my bold Marc Jacobs taffeta jacket and shorts last month, I now wanted to create some classic pieces I could wear with them.  I am a huge fan of linen, so I decided to make myself a pair of white linen pants using a gorgeous, medium weight linen I found at Mood.  Choosing from their huge and varied selection, I was careful […]


Blue-Green Emerald Brocade Dress

Ok so can I just say that I am so incredibly happy that this dress turned out. The entire time I was making it I kept thinking to myself “what the heck am I doing.” Haha, I’m just not used to using such thick fabric for dresses so I was not expecting it to work. Turns out I was wrong because I love it! I actually think it might be one of my favorite dresses I’ve made so far. I love the brocade; because it makes the dress look so much more professional looking or something. I’m not really sure why […]


Cheetah-Print Ponte Party!

Since joining the Mood Sewing Network, I’ve really enjoyed sewing with new-to-me types of fabrics.  It’s really pushed me to develop my skills and do more research before I cut into a new fabric.  Today, however, I’m revisiting a fabric type that I used once before to make a garment that was an irreconcilable failure… ponte! I’ve never purchased or really seen garments made out of ponte, but once I started reading rave reviews of it, I was curious!  So about a year ago, I picked out a gorgeous black ponte from Mood and admired its heft and drape before […]

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