A Matte Viscose White Dress!

McCall's 7591 - Erica Bunker DIY Style-9

Every spring/summer season, I make a white dress. It’s basically become a tradition for me. A white dress signifies summer. My dresses vary in style, shape and fabric.

McCall's 7591 - Erica Bunker DIY Style-11

I’d purchased this stunning Ralph Lauren White Viscose Matte Jersey for another project.


But since I didn’t order a swatch, I didn’t realize just how lightweight and translucent the fabric would be. So I had to think through how I would use this fabric.


I decided on McCall’s 7591. I felt the silhouette would be perfect. And I was right.

McCall's 7591 - Erica Bunker DIY Style-12This fabric is gorgeous and it was not difficult to work with. I cut out the size 12 bodice and graded out to the size 14 skirt. I cut the maxi length up to a midi length. I always cut my fabric with a rotary cutter. And with a fabric like this, it gave me perfectly clean edges.

McCall's 7591 - Erica Bunker DIY Style-4I used a ballpoint needle size 11/75 and had no trouble sewing this beautiful fabric.

McCall's 7591 - Erica Bunker DIY Style-7

Being that this fabric is so sheer, this dress needed to be fully lined.McCall's 7591 - Erica Bunker DIY Style-10-1The instructions only suggested a self-lined bodice.

IMG_4202But I self-lined the skirt as well.


The bodice is joined to the skirt with a waist seam. The seam is used to create an elastic casing for 1/4″ elastic. And the shoulder straps’ fit are finalized last and stitched to the inside of the bodice.

McCall's 7591 - Erica Bunker DIY Style-5

Even though the dress is fully lined, I serged the seams in the skirt and its lining. For the bodice, I trimmed the seam allowances down as scant as possible.

McCall's 7591 - Erica Bunker DIY Style-8I knew they would show through and I just wanted them to be minuscule and neat.

McCall's 7591 - Erica Bunker DIY Style-13


I absolutely love this dress. It’s perfect for summertime. I wore it out on a steamy, humid day and the fabric felt great. With this type of fabric, I suggest taking your time and stitching carefully and slow. This isn’t a fabric that would appreciate the use of a seam ripper. You would create runs in it. Good slow sewing will create a beautiful, expensive-looking garment!




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