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Welcome to the Mood Sewing Network, a collective of fashion sewing bloggers from across the U.S. The people we've chosen for the Mood Sewing Network represent a cross-section of home sewers: some still consider themselves beginners, while others are at the more experienced end of the sewing spectrum. No matter where they fall, we admire their enthusiasm for sewing and their love of fabric. Follow their adventures here in sewing and creating with Mood fabrics and use them for inspiration with your own sewing projects.

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Each month Mood Fabrics provides the Mood Sewing Network bloggers with an allowance for fabric that they can spend online at or in our NYC or LA stores. The bloggers, in turn, sew a garment with Mood fabrics each month and then blog about it on their own blogs and here. To be considered as a future Mood Sewing Network blogger, you should first be a blogger with at least 12 months of steady blogging activity and a demonstrated ability to take good photos and write clear copy. And sewing clothing is your passion. If this description fits you, then send an email to with a link to your sewing blog and "MSN blogger" in the subject line.

Textured White Artists Smock

Hello there! I seem to be on a bit of a kick making unusual white blouses! After my Edwardian blouse entered into my regular, weekly wardrobe rotation  this past spring I realized that I have a hole in my closet for nice, yet neutral, tops! And it turns out that a nice neutral top is something I reach for a lot throughout the average workweek. So I have an unofficial goal this year to bulk up my work-wear seperates game, and hot off the presses is this breezy, smock-like blouse! This is the Republique du Chiffon patterns Petula Shirt. This […]


Striped Linen Jacket

  Talk about a fun fabric, this Mood Fabrics’ Italian Striped Linen is just that.  This is a double-faced fabric with rust and taupe stripes on one side and the other it is taupe-rust.  I fell in love with the awning stripe and had to have it.  I really wasn’t sure what I was going to make and then I decided a jacket with some shaping, no closures and some interesting details.   I went with Hot Patterns’ Metropolitan Bouvier Jacket and loved the cuffs, rounded collar and the half back belt.  This linen is soft and thin, even with […]


Maritime Blue Tweed Tunic

Just another tunic? Not to me, Dear Readers…. Being so intimately involved with The Tunic Bible, I consider each tunic I sew to be special. Couple my attachment to the book with Mood Fabric’s Maritime Blue and White Nailshead Cotton Blend Tweed and I find myself head over heels with this classic twist on the universal garment. The tweed keeps the emphasis on texture which works well with the more streamlined silhouette than previous tunics I’ve made. No backdarts for a relaxed fit……. and cap sleeves for a clean finish. I’ve yet to meet a piece of tweed that I did not […]


Wax On, Wax ON.

Big surprise! I’m back in wax print. I really can’t help myself. And unlike my previous self-imposed ban on Jersey Knits and All Things Sui, this obsession is being given a free pass. Order Wax Print At Will! Especially considering you get SIX YARDS IN ONE CUT. Have I mentioned that before? Am I repeating myself? Forgive me. I want to shout about the glories of wax print from the rooftops. Let me be your enabler. This print was especially fun to play with– as I was cutting the bodice of this pattern, it occurred to me that I could […]


French Terry Hoodie Dress

Generally speaking, when I order fabric from, there is usually some sort of order and reason behind it. I start with a swatch, cross my fingers that the fabric doesn’t sell out before the next month (which, unfortunately, does happen occasionally!), and then place my order based on whatever plans I have determined for the fabric. Sometimes, I find a fabric that sounds interesting and just order it on a whim without swatching first, or even considering what I’ll make. And, as you might guess… sometimes that backfires. Which started out to be the case with this month’s fabric, […]


Striped Shirting

This project is brought to you by perseverance, progress and power through it! Or in other words, it is brought to you by the letter P. I was so excited to make McCall’s 7724 in view A. such a fun pattern with the cold shoulder look and neckline options. I went right to Mood Fabrics and started looking at shirting for this project. Stripes or plaids was the direction I was going and I went with Sea Pink Striped Cotton Shirting and White/Pink Striped Shirting. When the fabric arrived, they were perfect together, yea time to start on this project. […]


Slinky, Shiny, Sequins

Hi There!  I’m happy to finally post this cute little sequined dress that I made for my sister.  This is my one yard wonder.  Yes, that’s right.  I made it with only one yard of Mood’s Black Stretch Rayon Jersey with Waving Sequined Stripes.  What a mouth full.  I grabbed this sparkly wave about two years ago from the online store. Sewing it cause no problems.  The sequins are small and the Rayon jersey fabric provides a good support base.  The sequins can be easily flatten to create a smooth affect along the seams. Too bad it’s no longer in […]


Plaid wool knit sweater

I recently have fallen in love with a new silhouette for myself, and it’s been a lot of fun playing with it: a cropped pullover. Whether it’s in the form of a hand knit sweater (which started my obsession) or sewing my own tops, I’ve been loving this shape lately. This version was the third I made from the same pattern, Butterick 7557 from around 1956. Great envelope artwork too, right? Many vintage patterns specify types of fabric recommended, but this one didn’t. In my mind though, it was perfect for knits! Kind of a cropped vintage version of a […]


My Kinda Neutral!

ANIMAL PRINT. YUM. I could wear it everywhere! And I mean, head to toe everywhere 😜 Animal print is a big neutral for me. I like to pair it with everything– stripes! Flowers! Geometrics! Denim! Seriously, what doesn’t it go with? The only pairing I hadn’t tried with this self-drafted two piece ponte set was…more animal print. I honestly don’t know what took me so long. This wild little shirt is Simplicity 8340, modified to a more cropped and tie-able length. She doesn’t have buttons yet, although she does have perfect buttonholes-in-waiting. They’ve yet to be sliced open, as I’ve […]

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